Doing sales has never been easy. Until now.

Betterlance is the ultimate sales tool for Freelancers.

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Set your client and project criteria

You tell us the types of clients, ideal company size, preferred location, etc. We focus on sourcing clients that fit your niche. The more targeted, the better the results.


Our team finds and validates leads

Our sales experts locate the best leads specifically to meet your criteria. Every lead is verified and validated by a real person on our team to ensure quality.

FAQs about Leads

New potential clients get added to your dashboard

Sit back and relax. You'll get a notification as a steady stream of new leads get added to your account every few days.

Leads come populated with name, email, company name, website, and LinkedIn profile URL.


Start reaching out and nurturing your leads

Cold outreach doesn't have to be hard. Not sure what to say? Use our email templates and sending tools to make reaching out quick, easy, and effective.

Rinse, repeat, profit.

Nothing slips through the cracks. We send you scheduled reminders to keep in regular contact with your past, current, and potential clients.

Better client relationships equals more work and income. It's that easy.

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Our Features

CRM for Freelancers

An incredibly simple CRM for managing all your clients and leads.

Send Emails

Quickly send emails from your dashboard. No need to open your email.

Email Templates

A library of email templates so you never have to think of what to say.

Timely Reminders

No lead slips through the cracks. We'll send you a weekly follow-up list with who you need to contact.

Targeted Criteria

Find leads that fit your niche. Specify industry, company size, location, and more.

Lead Quality Filter

Don't waste your time. Our team of sales experts knows how to verify and validate a lead's info so you don't have to.

Custom Templates

Add your personal touch to our existing templates, or create one of your own.

Email Signature

Save time by setting up your signature, so every email has the perfect sign-off.

Follow-up Snooze

Busy at the moment? Choose to snooze a follow-up for 1–4 weeks, when the time is right.


Choose how often you want to follow up. Pick a weekly, monthly, or quarterly cadence  for each client or lead.

Import Clients

Import your existing client base from a CSV file, so you can quickly queue them for follow- ups.

Coming Soon

Send from Gmail

Connect your Gmail account, so you can send emails from your own email address.

Coming Soon

Merge Fields

Use merge fields to populate emails with data, like name or company, from your account or lead details.

Coming Soon


Set up a series of emails to drip out to leads over a set period of time.

Coming Soon

Email Tracking

Get insights into who opens, clicks, and replies to your emails, so you can iterate and improve.

Coming Soon

Scheduled Sending

Set a window of time that you prefer emails to be sent, or schedule a specific delivery time for an email.

Coming Soon


Connect to your favorite tools to enhance and optimize your workflows.

Get the ultimate sales tool for freelancers.