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Betterlance CRM helps freelancers stay top-of-mind with clients and new leads. Get reminders to follow up, improve your communication, and land more gigs.
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Betterlance CRM is a simple, easy, and automated CRM for Freelancers.

Keep track of all your clients and leads, get regular reminders to follow up, and use our email templates to make it all quick, easy, and effective.

Be top-of-mind with your clients

With Betterlance, it's easy to stay in regular contact with your clients and leads. You'll get automated reminders when it's time to reach out and follow up.

Turn conversations in to new projects

Tap in to the best source of more freelance income, your previous clients and existing network.

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Set your client communication on auto-pilot

We know you're busy running a freelance business, but don't let client communication slip through the cracks. We've designed everything to make your life easier and your client communication better.

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