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What Freelancers are Saying

Ginny T.

Freelance Marketer

My Betterlance coach not only helped me develop a growth strategy I was excited about but also figured out how to fit it into my full schedule.

Matt M.

Freelance Designer

Wow, it’s amazing to see how quickly Betterlance coaching is affecting my business!

Genny H.

Business Coach

Betterlance is on to something—coaching and mentoring is critical for freelancers to grow, develop and ultimately achieve their path to success.

We're building the human support layer for freelancers.

We believe freelancing is here to stay and for the better. But we know it has its challenges. As a freelancer you have to wear lots of hats, and your support bench is thin. We know business is often painfully busy or painfully slow. That you carry the huge burden of finding work and doing work. That freelancing can get stressful and lonely. And that all this adds up and can take a toll personally. That's why we're creating Betterlance.

Betterlance exists to support every freelancer in being successful.

Freelancing provides an enormous opportunity. To set your own schedule, to do the work you love, to be your own boss, and to live and work in the way that best fits you. We want to come along side freelancers and give them the tools, coaching, and support they need to achieve this dream.

If you're freelancing, and you need a little help, we're here for you.

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