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Betterlance delivers a guaranteed number of high-quality new leads every month. Combined with the sales tools to convert them into paying clients.
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Get fresh new leads every month

New leads are the lifeblood of a freelance business. Get outside your existing network and put lead generation on auto-pilot. With Betterlance, you'll get a steady stream of new potential clients added to your pipeline every month.

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Turn new leads and past clients into more paid work

Don't wait until the next dry season to start looking for new projects. Keep track of all your clients and leads, get regular reminders to follow up, and use our email templates to make it all quick and easy.

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High-quality Leads

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Use a proven and repeatable process to grow

You don't need to invest tons of hours or hire a team. Betterlance takes the tried-and-true sales process and makes it fast and easy for freelancers to use.

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Yea, it actually works.

Landed more work!

"I have only sent out 10-15 emails so far, and have already gotten a couple responses back. And one landed more work."

Andrew J
Freelance Developer

This is crazy...

"Wow, it’s amazing to see how quickly Betterlance is affecting my business!"

Matt M
Freelance Designer

Easy money

"It actually worked! Sending a follow up to a past client led to a new project that I wasn't expecting."

Ginny T
Freelance Marketer

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